Friday, January 9, 2015

Introduce Yourself: Annalysa

Yes, I know introductions are supposed to go at the beginning of a new blog but I accidentally posted the Collection Items of the Month: January before. It's my first time at blogging, can you tell?

Anyway, I know most of you know me personally, but for those of you who don't, I thought I'd introduce myself. Hopefully I will be able to get introductions of the two other ladies in charge of the OCC program at our church up soon but right now, I thought I'd start with me...

First, a little bit about me and my life. My name is Annalysa and I'm 15 years old. I ❤ to read, write music, listen to music, and play music. Yup, music and books are a big part of my life.

I play piano, violin, cello, and penny whistle but we have several other instruments that I'd like to be able to play soon. Currently, I'm working on the guitar and next will hopefully be a ukelele (I have yet to get one, but I love the way they sound so I'm going to get one one of these days).

I Operation Christmas Child.   

I really do. Ever since I can remember, we've been packing boxes. My mom did it before I was born and just continued packing with us kids as we came along. Now my sister, Julia, and I have kind of taken over the packing in our family and last year, our own little "processing center" was set up on our very large back porch with the ping pong table turned into a table for all the fillers...our "center" stayed up for at least a week and half - hopefully, I'll be able to post pictures of it sometime, although I have to say, it wasn't nearly as organized as Operation Christmas Child's Processing Centers!!!

Ever since I turned 13, my mom and I have been able to go to the Processing Center to help process the's an amazing experience and if you ever have the chance to go (and actually do go, I'd really recommend it, I can't speak highly enough of it!) or have gone in the past, comment below! I'd love to hear about it!!!

Anyway, last year (it feels so weird to say that since it was just last month we went) my mom and I were able to take my grandma, my cousin who was finally old enough this time, and 2 of my friends for my birthday. My birthday is in November, but I really wanted to do something that didn't involve getting more presents and accumulating more things (I have enough of those! 😃) so I waited until we could go to the processing center and I asked people to bring boxes instead. It was so much fun!!!

Well, apparently I'm a bit of a rambler (okay, maybe more than a little), but hopefully that gives you a peek into what we do for OCC. Share your stories in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you!

Now get out there and change the world!


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