Friday, September 16, 2016

Operation Pack a Shoebox: Mini Mission


Mini Mission

"Welcome to Operation Pack A Shoebox! My name is Elizabeth Cole, and I'm hosting today's Mini-Mission."

"Today we'll be packing a shoebox."
"Elly, that's kind of obvious..."
"Shhhh, Julie. This is Julie, my sister and one of my crewmates."

"This shoebox that we'll be packing today as already been wrapped by a wonderful volunteer, Light4theLord. We have lots of items that we're going to fit into this little missionary!"

"So, this is my team. The two in the back are most likely arguing about what color the stuff in the box should be, or something like that."

"This is Katie,"

"And Samantha."

"Let's get started!"

"We're each going to take turns packing our items into this shoebox, so first, Julie will be taking over."

"Here, Julie,"

"Okay, so my items are going to be clothing or fashion related... stuff like that."

"I chose this tank top to put in,"

"And to maximize space, which I've learned from sharing a bedroom, I'm going to roll it up.."

"And tie it with this hairbow thingy."

"This helps the tank top to stay rolled up, otherwise it would probably flop around."

"Yay, the first item!"

"Next, I'm putting these socks in this sparkly purse that I got because I love sparkly stuff, and I hope the girl who receives this box will like it too!"

"Now for a seashell necklace..."

"And, voila! I like putting in girls' shoeboxes a necklace or piece of jewelry, some hair stuff, a shirt or tank top, and a purse or bag of some sort."

"Now, I'm going to slide this box over to Samantha!"

"I'm Samantha, and my things that I will be putting in are school supplies! Every box should have something like this stuff!"

"I'm putting in some pencils, with their own pencil case!"

"I'm going to stick them here into this tank top that Julie put in."

"Next, my personal favorite items, since I'm the writer of the family: notebooks!"

"Now it's my turn, for things that every shoebox should have."

"Did you know that some kids that don't have a bowl or cup will get their food in their cupped hands, even if it's hot and steamy?"

"I'm going to put some soap and a colorful washcloth in too..."

"This next item is a toothbrush- some children who live in orphanages all share one toothbrush."

The shoebox... so far!

"Hi! I'm Katie, and I'm going to be packing the fun stuff!"

"I think that every shoebox should have a doll! Or, at least every girls' shoebox! I'm also putting in this really fun top (I tested it!)."

"And isn't this little teddy bear adorable?!"

"Candy! This year is the last year that Operation Christmas Child is allowing candy in the boxes, sadly.. so I'm packing lots of it!"

"Plus, it's pink!"

"Okay, since we still have plenty of space, we're going to add some extra stuff!"

"A pair of sandals, and another doll- cause how are you supposed to play with only one doll?"

"Plus some pretty stickers!"

"This is my very favorite thing to put in boxes: a letter."

"Ours tells a little about us, who packed the shoebox, and tells our favorite verses and such."

A last glimpse at the box before...

Elly closes the box!

"Julie wrote on the top 'Girl: 5-9'."

And the box is ready to be shipped!

Team Dolls N' All- Mission Accomplished!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I hope you liked this doll sized shoebox! I searched for all the mini stuff I could find that would represent things that you could actually pack! The shoebox is actually a cream cheese box, and you might be able to see through the snowman paper but... anyways, go pack a shoebox!

~ Light4theLord
This absolutely adorable blog post was written by Light4theLord and her dolls - be sure to check out her blog here and the official Operation Christmas Child website here (There are step by step instructions on this page to help you pack a big-person sized shoe box! :))

Changing the world one shoebox at a time,



  1. What a great idea! This is so much fun and I am so thankful that you took the time to do this and to share your passion with others! :)